5D Shift Symptoms - 5D New Earth

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5D Shift Symptoms - 5D New Earth

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Signs you're already living in 5th Dimension, a 10 minute information audio broadcast covering a wide-range of the New Earth 5D.

You might already be there and not even know it!

  • Free download. If you would like to make a donation towards this special information audio broadcast you are very welcome, this enables us to continue loading useful

Signs you're already living in 5th Dimension, a 10 minute information audio broadcast covering a wide-range of the New Earth 5D.

You might already be there and not even know it!

  • Free download. If you would like to make a donation towards this special information audio broadcast you are very welcome, this enables us to continue loading useful updated information to this page and helps this station pay essential broadcasting & website costs.
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    5th Dimension Explained

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What is 5D New Earth? 

Planet Earth, already exists in all twelve dimensional levels of this universe. A dimension is not a place but is a state of being or state of consciousness where one manifests and perceives a more beautiful and advanced outward physical reality.  Earth is not moving into the fifth dimension, the sentient human beings of Earth are! 

Humanity was manipulated by nefarious beings to exist in the low-vibrational third dimensional matrix for the last 350,000 years however powerful incoming gamma light waves from the galactic core recently which are triggering a mass expansion of consciousness among the humans of Earth. Furthermore, there are masses of Starseeds stationed on the surface of the Earth right now that came here on a grand mission to help humanity transition from 3D to 5D. Earth starseeds are here to hold high-vibrational light in their physical bodies, anchoring it to the crystalline grid of Planet Earth. These light beings from the stars are here holding this light on behalf of all humanity until humanity is able to hold the light for themselves. This is why you are here right now reading these very words. If you will simply open your heart a bit and continue reading you are going to find out everything! It is truly the most amazing time in human history… And you have volunteered your soul to be here on planet earth at this very time to help the survival of humanity. 

As more and more surface beings wake up on Earth, the old control paradigm is falling apart and the 3D matrix is quickly dissolving. The beings of Earth are now ready to evolve to the next highest level which is the 5th Dimension. The evolutionary journey to 5D involves much inner work to ascend up through the transitionary 4th dimension. For one to move to the fifth dimensional reality they simply must increase the vibrational speed of their being so they are in resonance with 5D. This increase in vibration creates a corresponding expansion of conscious awareness that enhances the outward reality perceived by the senses. 

5D is the Gamma state of consciousness which resonates in the 40-100 Hertz frequency range and it’s outward manifestation has been called heaven, nirvana, samadhi and bliss. When we say we are manifesting The New 5D Earth, we mean “heaven on earth”. 5D New Earth is a realm of peace, love, abundance, perfect health, joy and freedom. 5D New Earth is not just some utopia dream, it is the evolutionary destiny of Planet Earth that every advanced culture of Earth has spoken about.

A grand mass awakening will happen between June 2023 - November 2024, there's many discussions and thoughts on what this could be:

* All media across the world will be taken over and transmit broadcasts to tell the truth and explain who the evil are and who controls us and what they have done to the people including future plans. You could call this 'white hats', ET's, or generally the good guys. Who knows!

* Assistance from the Galactic Federation to help humanity with widespread open extraterrestrial contact. As of 2023, millions of people are embracing spirituality and finding their path towards light and connecting to higher beings. A huge amount of UFO sightings have been witnessed recently and numbers are growing daily including the best possible footage from a commercial plane in March/May 2023 of a UFO flying past the plane and at one point turning on it's side to avoid a collision. Remember to keep looking up!

* Governments will declare a mass emergency similar to the Covid hoax, but this time they will overplay their hand in a big way and will cause hundreds of millions to wake up. 

* A grand solar flash which is due to occur in this modern time. This grand flash of cosmic light is the primary event that will quickly raise consciousness levels on Earth, propelling humanity fully into the higher fifth dimension.

Once the masses who awaken by the 'grand mass awakening event' they will be extremely vulnerable, confused and in shock. The newly awakened will require help and guidance by Starseeds, Lightworkers, Healers, spiritual practitioners and those curious about consciousness. 

Weakening Governments will give humanity two options by November 2024, those who wish to remain in Timeline 1 (The Old Earth / 3D) or (The New Earth / 5D)

The Old Earth / 3D (Timeline 1): This will consist of 15 minute cities, CBDC, Digital ID basically a complete slavery system, authorities will control your money and you will become a prisoner in an open-air prison. In order for you to access your CBDC tokens you will need to do exactly what you are told, from taking jabs, paying diversity/climate taxes, following a social credit score, no ability to travel internationally and paying fees to travel outside the 15 minute borders. Food rations will happen including no meat and protein will come from bugs/insects and fake food made with high amount of seed oils like Rapeseed, the Government will approve/deny what you eat. Smart technology will be in force to monitor citizens by facial recognition linked to digital ID. The old earth will not survive and severe illness will take place for those wishing to remain, the population will decrease massively within just a few years. 

Once your Government introduces CBDC they will probably offer a sum of digital tokens this could be worth approx 3000 - 5000 digital tokens for each person, if you accept this then there is no going back you have agreed to live your remaining days in absolute slavery, you must do exactly what you are told. All money in your digital wallet must be spent within a month, and savings will not be permitted in this timeline. 

The New Earth / 5D (Timeline 2): Will consist of high vibrational souls who live without fear, manifest unconditional love, abundance, freedom and all of your heart's desires by removing spiritual blocks thus allowing you to freely create your own reality. The vibration of 5D is all about compassion, understanding, and acceptance. 5D is:

Acceptance and surrender

Effortless manifestation

Alignment with higher self. 

Higher vibration 

The vibration of love, joy and compassion. 

Not getting wrapped up in physical world (3D) issues and troubles. 

Oneness with the world and everything in it. 

So when we receive a string of bad luck while operating at a 5th dimension, you might ask yourself, "What can I learn from this?" or even "How can I help improve this situation with my words, actions and behaviours. 


1. Develop an independent income stream(s)

2. Learn and purchase Gold/Silver, blockchain and Cryptocurrency tokens. Do this now!

3. Understand how to store food and grow fruit/veggies, how to purify and obtain fresh water. 

4. Think of locations you could live safely until things begin settling down, for example avoid cold/damp conditions/locations that will make living and surviving challenging. 

5. Build your network with others who will also anchor Timeline 2.

6. Heal your emotional pain / trauma as frequency is everything. 

7. Spiritually develop and expand your Energetic skills and abilities. 

8. Put your energetic house in order / clear your field / energetic mastery = Energy creates matter / reality. 

9. Purchase prepping items such as tents, sleeping bags, lighters, solar panels, hunting items, water filters/straws, long-life food, lots of fruit/veg seeds and stoves. 

10. Remove yourself from negative individuals who thrive from everyday drama and the news, or those who are involved in current politics. Common Law is exactly the direction awakened free people will live under. Clause 39 (The Right to due process) “ No free man shall be seized, imprisoned, dispossessed, outlawed, exiled, or ruined in any way, nor in any way proceeded against, except by the lawful judgement of his peers and the law of the land. ”To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay right or justice". 

11. Do not waste your energy trying to awaken people any longer, instead use this energy to raise your vibrations and plan for a new life without fear and negativity and finding new awakened folk like you!.

Exciting times are coming for those who are awakened and although we'll have a few hurdles to jump over and tough decisions to make, know this you are NOT alone. Be happy and smile! There's millions of us out there and growing daily, but you must begin making connections now you cannot do this alone. This page will be updated regularly with more information, guidance and help to make this transition as easy as possible. 

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18th June 2023 Update

The Schumann Resonance is doing something it has never done before. The earths frequency appears to be weaving a whole new dimensional field. Cellular DNA upgrades. Consciousness shifting. Memory being restored and Divine “natural” order is being restored.