"Make an effort to meet with people.


Interaction with others opens up new and exciting possibilities. Meeting people stimulates our minds, gives us energy, leads to more new encounters and infinitely expands our life and our world. 

- Daisaku Ikeda 


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Don't forget to tune in everyday 00.29 - 20.29 (UK time) and each hour we'll broadcast the very latest meet-ups & more! 

We're all about Freedom and bringing awakened humans together away from the virtual world. If you would like an event advertising or know something that we don't we'll be happy to broadcast it. Please remember not for profit community stuff only, we will support everyday people as much as possible and not large brands/organisers who work alongside authorities or political parties, we try to keep anything related to 'zoom meetings' to a minimum (fresh air / social interaction must be our future) and we won't promote anything which uses QR codes (If you submit an event that doesn't meet that criteria, common law police will act and your event won't be approved). 


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