Freedom Radio is the only truly independent music based non-regulated station world-wide, that is targeted towards a growing movement and community. Running any radio station comes with massive costs and we need your help to continue. Freedom Radio offers a true alternative to traditional stations 24 hours a day. Our aim is to take listeners from ANY Government regulated radio station large or small, especially stations who promote fear, lies, propaganda and receive cash to play commercials promoting experimental jabs, masks, social distancing, lockdowns and general discrimination.  

* We play upbeat 'feel good tracks' during the day and go fully chilled throughout the night, to help with meditation, relaxation and ease stress. Our music is designed with true meaning to bring back great memories, to put you in a positive mindset, many of our tracks have meanings linked to freedom, we promote and encourage independent artists to submit music to us 

* Freedom Radio will NEVER play any NHS/Government commercials or work with any companies that promote experimental jabs, masks or discriminate against staff, contractors, clients or customers.  

* Daily we provide the latest weather, community related events and give the opportunity for our listeners to record messages which we will on the radio, this could be shoutouts to call-to-action announcements.  

Freedom Radio provides a vital service for us all in the freedom movement and it would be a real shame if we cannot meet our financial target to continue broadcasting. The deadline is 31/3/22 to raise £2000 this will cover our vital bills to keep us on air such as website expenses, Android app, Echo devices, vital programming software & music storage, utility bills & equipment.  

Each week Freedom Radio plays an extremely important part in our lives to keep you informed and entertained to over 24,500 weekly freedom fighting listeners.  

If you prefer not to donate to this appeal, you have many other ways you can support us. If you run a small business you could consider advertising on Freedom Radio, purchasing White Rose stickers from our shop, or spread the word about to us to as many people as you can either in-person or across social media.  

We need to ensure that we preserve services in our community, begin removing power from Central Governments, mainstream media and large corporate companies who push for the 'Great Reset' this includes some smaller ones to.

Even just £2 a month is massive to us.  

Thank you! 

Jack x