S.O.S - Help Save Our Station - We have until 20th March 2024. 

The English 909 Radio first came to life in 2020 during the plandemic, every single element of this station from studio equipment to broadcasting costs is financed by awakened souls worldwide. For this we are truly grateful and cannot thank our donors enough. We never intended to carry on broadcasting for so long, we sprang into action because people got sick and tired of the lies, fear, news, propaganda and advertising (NHS Vaxx adverts etc) on regulated stations and by the corrupt BBC. Our plan was to keep going until things eased, well here we are in 2023 and still the fear mongering continues as the evil who control us carries on pushing through Agenda 2030.  

Sadly, since 2022 we have seen our donations, on-air advertising & website sales fall by over 60% and station costs have doubled due to the (Cost of Living / Great Reset), we've had to make massive cuts to programs but at least we're still here broadcasting to you all.  

To this day we haven't sold our souls, we remain absolutely 100% independent, we don't associate with leaders or political groups, freedom brands or Government bodies.  

The English 909 Radio is the only truly independent music based non-regulated station world-wide, that is targeted towards a growing movement, community and awakened souls. Running any radio station comes with massive costs and we need your help to continue into 2024. We offer a true alternative to traditional music stations. Our aim is to take listeners from ANY Government regulated radio station large or small. 

* We play upbeat 'feel good tracks' during the day and go fully chilled 7 nights per week 9pm-5am, we do our very best to help you chill in a stressful world. Our music is designed with true meaning to bring back great memories this could be a cheesy track from the 70's to the latest uplifting trance anthem. Plus we support independent awakened artists, which you'll hear on this station every few hours during daytime shows. 

* We provide the latest weather, community related information including emergency messages and give the opportunity for our listeners to record messages which we will play on the radio, this could be shoutouts, events, protests or call-to-action announcements. We will only ever promote events by everyday folk who have no association with Governments or anything related to politics.   

The English 909 Radio provides a vital service for us all in the freedom movement from the information we broadcast on-air to keeping our website updated.   

If you are unable to donate to this appeal, you have many other ways you can support us. If you run a small business you could consider advertising with us so your advert will target our community directly, purchasing Freedom Related Stickers, or spread the word about us to as many people as you can, either in-person or across social media.   

We need to ensure that we preserve this station so we can carry on broadcasting throughout 2024. 

Even just £2 a month is massive to us.   

Thank you!  

Jack x