S.O.S - Help Save Our Station - We have until 20th March 2024. 

Welcome to The English 909 Radio… 

100% Independent Awakened Radio, and proud of it. 

We are the home of guilty pleasures from the world of 'feel good music'. We play the best songs from your favourite boy-bands, girl-bands, one-hit wonders, 70s, 80s, 90s, dance, trance, house, old skool, rave and so much more. If it’s upbeat (daytime) or chilled (at night), it will find itself at home here, including you! Awakened folk come in all ages & backgrounds, so it's important we play a huge varied taste of music and programming (this goes totally against radio-norm), but we promise to either uplift you or chill you out. Dance & trance music is a big part of this station, it's known to massively increase vibrations, help you with the ascension process to 5D, energise you, lift your mood and of course bring back some fantastic 90's & early 00's club memories. 

Everyday we spend hours honing our music playlists, our funny & truthful jingle liners and our brand attitude - all to create happy, positive, energised listening environment (no woke / virtue signalling on this station). We know how to make awakened listeners feel good and we've been here by your side since 2020 (actually much longer - click here )

We keep ourselves extremely private and only associate with listeners and those who follow us across social media, plus our advertisers (they help us pay those dreaded bills of course). Although our tiny team, do lots out on the street across the UK from attending Stand in the Park, protests (in the early days) and general outreach work we keep our heads down & muck in. We refuse to take part in speeches, public appearances, interviews, podcasts and rely totally on those who enjoy our station to spread the word. Our marketing budget remains at £0.00 for 2024.

 We’ve been on an epic journey to build a radio station from nothing. Thank you for helping us #FightForFreedom. 

Love, peace and freedom



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