The English 909 will always remain 100% independent and does not associate with any of the groups, links or organisations below.  The links below are updated regularly from social media platforms. You are free to copy the list below and share to friends or across social media. We would strongly advise researching brands, channels & associations below before signing up or getting involved.

If you would like to be added to page or have concerns about any of the organisations/links below or if they have expired, please get in touch anonymously. 


Hart Group 


Brownstone Institute 

Safer To Wait 

Together Declaration 

Independent Information 

Evidence Not Fear 

Collateral Global 

Doctors Declaration 

UK Medical Freedom Alliance 

World Doctors Alliance 

World Council For Health 

Health Freedom For Humanity 

World Freedom Alliance 

Early treatment 

BIRD Group 

Children’s Health Defense 

COVID-19 Assembly 

Covid Truth Network 

Dr Peter McCullough 

Dr Robert Malone 

Reiner Fuellmich 

Robin Monotti Graziadei + Mike Yeadon 

Chief Nerd 

Truth Talk 

Lockdown Alternative 

No More Lockdowns 

Awareness Foundation 

UK Freedom project 

Medical professionals for transparency 

Stop World Control 

Greater Reset 

The Knowledge Channel 

Pandemic Podcast 

Corona Investigative 

MRNA Experimental Jabs

Covid vaccine victims 

Real not rare 

C19 Vax Reactions 

They say it’s rare 

Vax reaction study 

Vax Control Group 

UK - No Mandatory Vaccines 

Informed consent network 


Awakened Pages 

Awakened World 

Awakened Jobs 

Freedom Directory 

Freedom Business Community 

Against vaccine passports 

Open For All 


NHS Fight the mandate 

Hard No! 

NHS 100k 

NHS Workers Stand Together 

Workers union 

British Nursing Alliance 


Child in secondary school 

Education Otherwise 

Stand for Health Freedom 

National Community Learning Hub 

Home Education England 

Kids out of government schools 

Us For Them 


Great Reopening 


Freedom Flyers 

Flyers and letters 

Covid Truths 

UK Medical Freedom Alliance 


Power to the people 

Helping Hands Support group 

Letter to schools 

Evidence & liability packs 

Flyers & posters 


Workers Union 

People’s Lawyer 

Law Q&A 

Law or Fiction 

PJH Law 

Class Action Covid 

PCR Claims 

Rational Global 

Lawyers of Light 

Powerless to Powerful parenting 

People’s Peace Core 

Guardians 300 

Lawful Obervers 

Sovereign Project 

Reclaim the Law 

Evidence & liability packs 

Common Law 


Activists toolbox 

Keyboard Warriors 

Reaching People 

Free UK 

The Crosshair Collection

White Rose 

No More lockdowns 

Freedom Project 

Project No Mercy 

Outreach worldwide 

Rebels on Roundabouts 

Operation Uprise 

Keep It Cash


Disclose TV 

UK Column 

Off Guardian 

Not On The Beeb 

Daily Sceptic 

Oracle Films 


Gareth Icke 

Unity News Network 

Zero Tolerance Media 

Daily Expose 

The Pulse 

The English 909 Radio (That's us! Just in case you decide to share this page)


Stand In The Park 

Hold the line 

London rallies 

London Protests Official 

Worldwide demo 

Great Reopening 


Students Against 

Youth For Freedom 

Freedom for Teens 

Awake maps 

Freedom Tribe 

Awakened travel 

PHA Hubs



Living off the land 

Off grid 

Off Grid Planning 

The Prepared 

Planters & planners 

DIY, food, garden 

IAF Gardens 


Britain's Got Canning & Prep


Support & Wellbeing 

Green Med Info 

Awakened therapists 

Therapists 4 Med Freedom 

Natural Health 

Natural Mums & Dads 

Essential Oils 

Awakened birth

PHA Hubs